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Earth Blends for Happiness Treatments for Everyday Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Empowerment System

Spiritual Empowerment System
Spiritual Empowerment System

Spiritual Empowerment System

Spiritual Cleansing is the clearing of negative energies, blockages and spiritual disturbances. It will bring about balance of mind body and spirit.
How do we care for our spirit?
The spirit has the same needs as the body. The spirit needs nurturing, cleansing, nourishing, exercising, resting, and clothing.
•We nurture the spirit by acknowledging its importance.
•We cleanse our spirit by having spiritual healing, spiritual bathe, fumigation, aura, head, hand and home cleansing sessions.
•We nourish the spirit by spiritual development, growth and empowerment studies.
•We exercise the sprit by showing trust, faith, love and charity.
•We rest and recharge the spirit by mediating.
•We clothe the spirit by reinforcing our intentions and strengthening our aura.
Why should we do all of the above? Because our spirit is our connection to the Divine. Required for fast spiritual growth and development.
Earth Blends for Happiness provides a complete energy maintenance System, made from ancient blends of essential oils. These were prescribed by Bishop C.A. Thorne Angels and Spiritual Guides for keeping your Aura clear from daily negative energies and to attraction your prosperity.
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