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Bishop Thorne - Founder, Earth Blends for Happiness

Bishop Thorne, O.H.P

founder, earth blends for happiness
Bishop Thorne is the creator of The Spiritual and Mind Development Academy, Earth Blends for Happiness treatment products, All Saints Botanica and All Saints Circle of Prayer.
Bishop Carol Thorne is a gifted spiritual healer, medium, a receiver of Divine instructions, visions and messages she is a teacher, inspirational speaker, coach and spiritual counselor.
Bishop Thorne, who hails from the jungle of Guyana South America has beneath her belt 31 years of practice in spiritual hands on healing. Thousands of people nationally and internationally have experience peace, prosperity, happiness, sound mind, improved health, harmonious marriages and relationships, secure jobs, prosperous businesses and much much more. Under her tutelage and mentorship many of her students have become spiritual practitioners. More About Bishop Thorne >
Your Everyday Spiritual Cleansing 
Spiritual wellness is essential to our daily lives. Earth Blends for Happiness provide a complete line of premium products made from essential oils, and organic herbs, for the spiritually aware and enlightened individual. 

Hands-on Spiritual Cleansing with Bishop Thorne

Hands on spiritual healing is an ancient practice. The style, tools, methods, and materials vary from healer to healer.
The spiritual practitioner will visibly analyze and spiritually search your body to determine what type of healing treatment is required to pull negative/evil spirits from your body based on your condition.
The healing treatment is physically painless and can be administered in a sitting or lying position.
Hands on spiritual healing will remove negative energies and entities that cause spiritual disturbances, depression, negative thinking, negative feelings, hopelessness, anger, resentment, unhealthy relationships and other personal issues. Learn more >


Spiritual wellness is essential to our daily lives…

Earth Blends for Happiness provides a complete line of premium products made from essential oils and organic herbs for the spiritually aware and enlightened individual.
Essential oils are key components to our spiritual well being; because they are the pure essence of the trees and herbs. The molecules of essential oils are so tiny that the can penetrate the skin, nose, lungs and immediately start the spiritual healing process.
This complete line of spiritual treatments provide: cleansing, prosperity, attraction and protection.

The Secrets to spiritual balance are:

1Spiritual cleansing can be done by using Earth Blends for Happiness cleansing body wash made from a unique blend of organic herbs and essential oils. This product is for anyone who is experiencing spiritual imbalance? (i.e. negative energy, blockages, psychic attacks)
2 Follow up cleanse “repeat of step 1"
3 Prosperity Body wash
This product is to attract into your life positive energy and prosperity that will help your spiritual growth. When you use this product you replace negative vibrations with positive vibrations.
4 Attraction Body Wash
This product is to magnetize your spirit to draw into your life that which you desire from the universe. You have to build on the foundation you have created for your prosperity and success. The attraction treatment can help you to attract to your life good health, love, wealth and advancement.
5 House Cleansing wash
Spiritually cleansing your home is as important as wearing clean clothing. Using Earth Blends for Happiness house cleansing wash may eliminate disharmony in the home, disturbing dreams and nightmares, unexplained disagreements and quarrels and unrest amongst family members and siblings.
6 House Prosperity Wash
Spiritually energize and recharge the atmosphere of the home, to promote harmony, love, friendship and unity amongst the occupants and visitors.
7 Business Wash
Increase customers, clients and cash flow in your business. Creates positive energy to attract more business and loyal customers. Follow with business prosperity spray to maintain an atmosphere of increased financial flow and prosperity.
A Spirit that is undisturbed by negative forces is the foundation of superior spiritual well being.
We are human-beings. Human is the physical part of us. Being is the spirit and soul that dwells in the physical body. We care for our physical bodies by exercising, cleansing, nourishing, resting, clothing and nurturing it.

How do we care for our spirits?

The spirit has the same needs as the body. The spirit needs nurturing, cleansing, nourishing, exercising, resting, and clothing.
  • We nurture the spirit by acknowledging its importance.
  • We cleanse our spirit by having spiritual healing, spiritual bathe, fumigation, aura, head, hand and home cleansing sessions.
  • We Nourish the spirit by spiritual development, growth and empowerment studies.
  • We exercise the spirit by showing trust, faith, love and charity.
  • We rest and recharge the spirit by meditating.
  • We clothe the spirit by reinforcing our intentions and strengthening our aura.

Why should we do all of the above?

Because our spirit is our connection to the Divine.
Remember if negative forces are allow to fester, they can destroy you; however, a spirit that is undisturbed by negative forces is the foundation of superior spiritual wellbeing.
 Bishop Thorne O.H.P
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