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Bishop Thorne - Founder, Earth Blends for Happiness

Bishop Thorne, O.H.P

founder, earth blends for happiness
Bishop Thorne is the creator of The Spiritual and Mind Development Academy, Earth Blends for Happiness treatment products, All Saints Botanica and All Saints Circle of Prayer.
Bishop Carol Thorne is a gifted spiritual healer, medium, a receiver of Divine instructions, visions and messages she is a teacher, inspirational speaker, coach and spiritual counselor.
Bishop Thorne, who hails from the jungle of Guyana South America has beneath her belt 31 years of practice in spiritual hands on healing. Thousands of people nationally and internationally have experience peace, prosperity, happiness, sound mind, improved health, harmonious marriages and relationships, secure jobs, prosperous businesses and much much more. Under her tutelage and mentorship many of her students have become spiritual practitioners.
Circumstances surrounding Birth
According to my parents after eight long years of trying, hoping, praying and waiting expectantly, I was conceived. My mother said that there was a mysterious presence around her. She received dreams and visions to pray frequently and to read her bible daily throughout her pregnancy. My birth was two weeks overdue and the doctors were considering to deliver me by caseation, when my paternal uncle (a spiritual healer with prophetic gifts) was instructed in a vision to bathe my mother in the sea with certain herbs, oils and other ancient blends to prepare her for my birth. He also prophesied that I would be a chosen vessel of God. My uncle did everything he was instructed to do and I was born the same Saturday with no complications.
Early signs of God’s Divine Gift
My parents believed in an ancient culture which states if parents have three children of the same gender and the fourth child is of the opposite gender that fourth child either bring good fortune or bad luck. Fortunately, I was the fourth child and the first female. My parents said I bought good fortune to the family. Before my birth they were struggling. The day I was born (a Saturday) my father got permanent employment and stay with the company for 30 years. He continuously moved up the ladder until he became head of his department. Both my of my parents also became entrepreneurs and flourished. Our family prospered and I was blessed with other sisters and brothers who along with myself became entrepreneurs. And to this day we remain a close net family.
My mother said that from the age of four she realized I was foretelling upcoming events like births, pregnancies, accidents, visitors etc. I would just randomly say it, and it came to pass. It frighten her and she tried to stop me from telling her predictions. As I grow older and started to see in the spirit world my father cautioned me not to tell anyone outside of my family about any of my dreams, visions and feelings. So my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience were the best kept secret in the family. By age fifteen I was seeing in spirit world as clearly as in this physical world (I had to be careful not to reveal this to my friends or they would be afraid).
My gifts continued to develop and came full circle when I reached the age of 22. God started using me to heal, prophesy and pray which made the people happy but I had mixed feelings about my gifts. I believe in God but I couldn’t comprehend his manifestations in and through me. I wanted to have a normal life. I started rejecting my anointing and I did not want to do any of the healing and prophesying.
Because it is my divine assignment I could not escape. I felt compelled to talk to strangers about important things like their health issues, prosperity, employment, family matters and pets. When rendering assistance to people to improve their lives, I always include herbal remedies by divine instructions. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable doing all this. I just wanted a normal life.
I started international trading between the Caribbean Islands and South American countries. I did this for five years. During this time I met my late husband and we became involved in gold and diamond mining for the next 14 years. During those years I kept my gifts concealed from strangers. Throughout those years God blessed me and I prospered, I continued to receive messages, visions, instructions was well as having dreams. I prayed and gave a lot of charity and enjoyed the fruits of my labor and my family.
I was still having dreams and receiving messages, visions, and instructions, but I was secretive about them. I prayed and gave lots of charity and enjoyed the fruits of my labor with my family.
On July 1, 1986 (one year after my mother was called into Glory) I was asked in a dream for the exact time when I would do God’s work (embrace my divine calling) and fulfill my purpose. I responded “at age forty" .The spirit replied is this your promise to God and I answered “yes’.
Becoming a mother
God blessed me with a child, a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately her father left us when she was only three weeks. I was a single parent for a few years until I met and marry my husband who became the most excellent father for her. This created the family settling to which I was accustomed. I enjoyed my family life. God bless and rest my late husband’s soul.
Embracing my divine purpose
At the age of 39 I was given a gentle reminder that I am to start preparing for my promise to God (Prophecy, teach, preach and heal). Ironically, I was so absorbed in my prosperity and living the good life I ignored my promise. It was then that my gold and diamond mining business started to diminish. I also discovered that my husband had a secret double life that did not include me. I was greave strangled by these series of events and I turned to God. I was now willing to follow divine instructions. I wanted to be arrested by the Holy Spirit. By this time my marriage failed and I left my country to join my daughter who was attending University in the United States.
Because it is my divine assignment I could not escape. I was compelled by my spirit guides to talk to strangers about important things like their health issues, attracting prosperity, jobs, family matters and pets. When rendering assistance to people to improve their lives, I always include herbal remedies as instructed by the divine. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable doing all this. I just wanted a normal life.
What is a normal life?
When my daughter was 15 years old a psychic attack intended for me befell her. While attending a friend’s wedding she collapsed. When we arrived at home I realized it was a demonic attack. I administered spiritual first aid, my brother who was also spiritual received a message to come assist me. We took her to the hospital by the time she was admitted she couldn’t walk. I had to leave her there over night and went home but was unable to rest. I paced up and down while I repented and prayed while I lit candles. I cried and I promised God I would do whatever he wanted if my child life was spared.
At 6:00 am the next morning. I returned to the hospital and greeted her and she told me she couldn’t see. She lost her vision over night. The head Nurse came in to comfort me, I knew her from my childhood. She told me there was nothing medically wrong with my child she reviewed her chart. That she needed spiritual healing. The next day I met with my business associate, I asked if he knew a competent spiritual healer. He replied “yes" and that I should have her discharged from the hospital and meet him to take her for treatment. At this time she couldn’t walk nor see, her uncle’s (my twin brothers) had to carry her and I had to sign papers that I took full responsibility for her. We took her home to wait for my trusted business associate to take us for the spiritual healing.
Upon arrival the spiritual healer advised me that my disobedience by not accepting my calling into spirituality allowed this attack to happen to my child.
He went on to say “I was going to assist him with the spiritual healing of my daughter. At the end of the session he prayed and I did the hands on treatment. She was able to walk but she was weakened by the experience.
He then instructed me to spiritually wash her, cleanse my home and make her a protection piece.
My daughter’s life was spared and I decided to keep my promise to God to embrace my spiritual gifts to assist humanity.
Eleven years prior to my marriage failing my 82 year old spiritual advisor told me that I was going to migrate and would be involve in divine work internationally. I smiled and thanked her graciously because I thought it was her blessing me for my generosity to her and not a message from God. (I had absolutely no plans to migrate) however 10 years later I did.
Fiery Baptism
Valdosta Georgia, October 10, 2000 about noon sudden sleepiness over came me forcing me to lie down I was semi conscious and having a vision. In the vision I was gazing at the sky and suddenly a circle of light was descending from the heavens. I was rooted transfixed to the spot just focusing on the light as it neared the earth. The circle straightened and became a rod of light, it entered the crown of my head and illuminated my whole body. I felt empowered, excited, joyful and I started to pray, rejoice and shout.
My Teachers
Every spiritually gifted person needs teachers or gurus, guides and leaders for training, encouragement and strengthening along their path. I am fortunate to have had many teachers including my Amerindian (Native American Indian), East Indians and three spiritual Arch Bishops. My Spiritual Father Bishop Pollard took me under his wings and explained my gifts. He baptized me and trained me for many years in God’s work. He taught me until I came to the full understanding of how God wanted to use me to help humanity. God’s continued blessings on him his family and church family. I love you dearly.
My second teacher Metropolitan Primate Archbishop C. Clark taught me about God in nature and helped me to understand the mysteries of visions, dreams, channeling and being a medium. My third teacher Metropolitan Primate Archbishop P. Lewis instructed me on how to set up altars, gratitude tables and on church leadership. I was ordained me as a minister and years later he consecrated me as a bishop.
I give praise and honor to God for the gifts he has bestowed upon me.
I give thank to my leaders and teaches for their exemplary leadership and explicit mentoring.
After training and practicing for many years I was instructed in a vision to utilize my gifts fulltime. I partnered with people of like minds and established All Saints Botanica. By divine instructions, and visions Earth Blends for Happiness product line was created to heal, cleanse and prosper the human family. I was also instructed to develop step-by-step curriculums to help gifted and spiritually aware persons recognize and develop their spiritual gifts.
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