Hands on Spiritual Healing: Answers to common and frequently asked questions about Hands on Spiritual Healing.

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Hands On Spiritual Healing FAQs

What are Good Luck Pieces?
Good luck pieces are like magnets that pull good luck and prosperity to the owner to advance financial gains. 
What are Gratitude Tables?
Gratitude table is giving the highest form of thanksgiving and recognition for favors received from the Divine. It helps to elevate you to a higher spiritual level. And making a petition for what you want to achieve ( i.e better health, wealth, prosperity and more)
What are Protection Pieces?
Protection pieces are custom made by the spiritual practitioner who prepares it by Divine instructions.
What are Sacred Space/Altars?
Sacred space/Altars is a place that you’ve provided to have commune with the Divine.
It can be fixed according to your spiritual development, growth, achievements and your spirit guides.
It can be show to you in visions, dreams or your spiritual advisor can seek guidance from the Divine to set your sacred space.
What is Attraction Washing?
This done for you service is to magnetize your spirit to draw into your life what you desire from the universe. You have to build on the foundation you have created for your prosperity and success. The attraction treatment helps you to attract to your life good health, love, wealth and advancement.
What is Business Cleansing?
This done for you service increase customers and clients by fostering positive energy to do more business. Increase cash flow and create an atmosphere of prosperity and wealth. It promotes business growth and expansion.
What is House Cleansing?
This done for you cleansing of your home is as important as wearing clean clothing. It will eliminate disharmony in the home, disturbing dreams and nightmares, dispel evil, unexplained disagreements and quarrels and unrest amongst family members and siblings.
What is Job Security Treatment?
Job Security Treatment helps to keep you constantly and gainfully employed.
What is fumigation of the body?
Fumigation is clearing and repairing damages done to the aura. By using a blend of natural incenses and essential oils it destroys negative forces and evil spirits in your aura. Body fumigation changes your spiritual vibrations from negative to positive. It also provides protection for the aura.
What is a family curse?
Family curses are negative occurrences that happen in one's family from generation to generation. For example, the same sickness, diseases, misfortunes, loss of love, no love, divorces, learning disabilities, abuse, youthful death, fluctuation in income, poverty, unhappiness, nightmares and much more. These misfortunes may occur regardless of social status, wealth, profession or achievements. All of the above are destructive works of demons in the family; they will not automatically disappear but has to be removed. Family curses can be broken by an experienced spiritual healer.
What is Prosperity Washing?
This done for you service is to attract every aspect of prosperity into your life. Prosperity brings lightheartedness, joyfulness and positive energy. Promote prosperous conditions, wealth, and success.
Why do we need spiritual prosperity treatments?
Spiritual prosperity treatments are needed after clearing because we want to attract prosperity and have it manifest in our lives.
This treatment will attract the things we want and need to harvest the benefits of success. A treatment of this kind may abundantly increase prosperity and love in your life.
The prosperity treatment should always follow the cleansing treatment, because “Negative energy occupies that which is not occupied by positive energies.”
“What is achieved must be maintained”

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